Who We Are

Shinshiro International Overview

Premium financial management

Shinshiro International is an established wealth management and investment advisory firm focused on providing a premium financial management and supporting administrative services to sophisticated investors around the world. We specialize in tailoring wealth management solutions around the specific financial and life circumstances that makes each of our clients unique.

An independent entity

Since inception Shinshiro International has been an independent entity, wholly owned by its employees and shareholders. Contrary to industry trends, we remain committed to guarding our independent status, as we believe the structure will continue to best serve our clients with the same consistency that they have become accustomed to over the years.

Our people, our firm

We believe that sustainable relationships can only be achieved by developing solid foundations in the areas that are most valuable to the success of our operation. In this instance we see that our employees are entirely responsible for fostering and maintaining long-term relationships with our client base, and are therefore dedicated to recruiting, retaining and rewarding highly experienced professionals who demonstrate ways that continue to best serve our clients.

Dedicated to our clients

Our ultimate focus revolves around the satisfaction of our client base. We believe in exceeding the expectations of our clients by delivering superior financial performance and through quality support and administration services. By meeting our internal objectives year on year we have continued to grow and develop into a reputable wealth management investment advisory.