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Shinshiro International provides holistic wealth management services that enable you to consolidate all of your financial affairs under one convenient and practical umbrella. We believe that since the financial crisis in 2008, investors have changed the way they approach their own financial management decision-making and have become more skeptical on the execution of those financial decisions.

Simply put, we believe that investors now demand a more personalized and transparent approach to the management of their finances and are more willing to be involved in the decision making process based on information and recommendations provided by our wealth advisors. As such we consolidate all the separate elements of effective financial management into one manageable arrangement that is entirely tailored to suit the circumstances of each client and to meet their financial requirements as their lives and goals evolve.

Asset Management

Asset Management ImageWe offer two distinctive asset management services designed to help clients who fall into one of two categories. The service category that you chose would be dependent upon the level of involvement you would wish to maintain in the investment decision process.
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Wealth Planning

Wealth Planning ImageSeeking professional advice about your how to manage your financial future has become one of life's most essential requirements. Ensuring that a realistic financial plan is in place not only provides you with a piece of mind, but also helps you to navigate through and prosper from the financial obstacles that you encounter.
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Family Office

Family Office ImageThe collective goals of each family often differ from one estate to another. We find that most family office structures are geared towards preserving current living standards and to make sure that wealth is transferred to future generations to preserve family traditions. Reserved for families of ultra-high net worth, our family office services deliver a comprehensive solution to the complexities that come with the possession of substantial wealth.
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Tax & Estate Planning

Tax Planning ImageAddressing your tax position as your circumstances change can have a staggering affect on the outcome of an investment strategy. Making sure that you are paying just the right amount of tax also serves a justice to the loved ones who are the beneficiaries of your success.
You have worked hard for your accomplishments; we work equally hard to protect what is yours in the present and that of your loved ones in the future.
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