Tax & Estate Planning

Putting the pieces of the tax puzzle together

Every aspect of your financial life involves an element of tax, which can play a crucial part to the accumulation and preservation of the wealth generated through hard work and sacrifice. Efficient tax planning is perhaps the most complex component to holistic wealth management, simply because of the potential cost implications or the possible savings involved. This of course depends on how one approaches their tax liability conundrum.

Shinshiro International has a dedicated team of international tax specialists to make sure that your accumulated wealth avoids unnecessary erosion through efficient tax practices. Our specialists will assess your resources and offer solutions towards developing a long-term plan to ensure that your tax obligations are minimized at every stage of the strategy.

Estate & Legacy Planning

It would be unreasonable to assume that most people do not give premature though towards their legacy, yet reasonable to suggest that these thoughts are rarely acted upon in a timely and organized manner. There is often confusion as to what describes an individual's estate and to what explains their legacy. At Shinshiro International we explain estate planning as the process of effective and efficient transfer of wealth onto the next generation, whereas legacy planning refers to the distribution of assets towards a worthy cause as an extension of your beliefs and values such as philanthropy, community or charity.

Shinshiro International typically designs and implements estate and legacy strategies in the form of tax efficient trusts to be distributed in the exact manner as specified by the trustee. Our international tax specialists are able to advise and activate trusts based on the specific intentions of the motion. We have direct access to a number of strategically positioned locations with each jurisdiction presenting a differing range of benefits dependent upon the desire outcome of the trust setup.