Our Philosophy

Eliminating risk, generating value

At Shinshiro International we act as a personal investment advisor by directing our clients towards value creating opportunities and steer clear of emerging threats. We adhere to the fundamentals of strategic asset allocation and deliver calculated risk-adjusted investment returns through the management rigors of market volatility.

Tactical Asset Allocation

Protecting the value of client assets is the primary aim of our asset allocation practices. We are committed to spreading the existence of volatility within a pool of assets by diversifying each portion of a portfolio towards a market or sector entirely uncorrelated to one another. As long-term investors, we seek out global opportunities that emerge through a broad range of assets classes such as equities, fixed income, commodities and currency.

Tactical Portfolio Management

Shinshiro International has survived and flourished through a series of market cycles. Our ability to outperform the market is the result of ensuring that all investment commitments maintain flexible attributes in order to protect client assets against unforeseeable movements in the market. Simply put, we do not tie up capital in securities or investment vehicles that stipulate a minimum holding horizon. This part of our philosophy provides a safeguard against a sudden economic meltdown, and ensures that our client's interests embrace liquidity.

Tactical Risk Management

We use sophisticated risk management techniques to determine whether or not our clients are receiving a satisfactory return of their investment in comparison to the level of risk associated with their investment. At Shinshiro International our primary goal is to protect the value of capital by striking a fine balance between the potential return of an investment and the inevitable risk assumed. We approach this critical juncture by assessing the long-term potential of an investment and do not get drawn into the speculation of short-term gains.

Personal Investment Manager

To support our commitment towards exceeding client expectations, each client is presented with unrestricted and direct access to their own personal investment manager who is responsible for overseeing account transactions and continuous management. We view this service as an integral part to the way we interact with our clients, to the way we communicate portfolio performance and to the way we deliver recommendation.