Investment Process

Investment Process Overview

Flexible, independent innovation

Our independent status allows us make critical decisions without waiting on time consuming bureaucracy from a higher power. Our freedom to invest in areas of opportunity and to act upon emerging threats has helped the firm to serve and exceed the demands our client base throughout a series of market cycles.

Liquid assets

One key attribute to our investment success is to maintain our policy of investment flexibility by ensuring that capital is not locked away for a lengthy duration inside complex vehicles that dictate maturity horizons. Shinshiro International has adhered to the principle that as custodians of our clients' wealth we should be in control of where and when investments are realized.

Managing volatility

As markets continue in a volatile nature we view the controlling aspect as vital to the successful management of our client's investment positions. In the wake of the most recent global financial disaster, investors continue to pay the price for lost funds as a result of being too tightly compacted into the financial system. Simply put, inflexible investments did not allow investors, managers and firms to get out of the way of the tidal wave that cost a lot of people a lot of money.