Investment Approach

A long-term perspective

Preservation and consistent growth forms the foundations of our approach to efficiently managing the wealth of our clients. Our meticulous investment approach and commitment to flexibility provides our clients with the peace of mind that their assets are available to them at every stage of the investment process.

Preservation principles

Delivering risk-adjusted returns demands that a series of cautionary measures are put into place in the lead up to an investment commitment. First and foremost we believe that our clients are best served by protecting their wealth and seek to minimize the impact that rising costs and inflation has on the spending power of their assets. We achieve our primary principle by focusing on asset preservation over and above speculative growth.

Patience will prevail

Accumulating wealth is more often than not a process that requires a great deal of patience and sacrifice. Whilst Shinshiro International ensures that client assets maintain liquidity we build investment strategies around the long-term goals of each client. Depending on client demands, we include investment milestones to coincide with the capital requirements of future events such as education fees and property purchases.

Global diversification

Shinshiro International boasts a global financial and investment competence that covers a range of assets classes in both the developed and the developing world. By combining non-correlating assets we are able to construct and maintain investment portfolios that offer weatherproof protection against a number of market climates.

Price point efficiencies

Attractive speculation at an inflated price will make for a bad investment. Attempting to time the market is a risky game of chance, but by dedicating our efforts towards analytical research we are able to determine the relative and absolute valuation of asset classes, which helps us to identify the most efficient entry and exit price points. Using this approach, combined with a holding of flexible assets, we are able to adjust the inner workings of a portfolio as a defence against potential loss.