Family Offices

Protecting your family heritage

Multi-generational families are faced with more just their personal financial management matters but also those that come with being part of a continuing ancestry that has generated wealth over a many number of years. High-net worth families that share the contents of a large estate are subject to an array of financial needs that requires significant organization and management to mutually comply with commitments within the estate.

As the wealth of a family is accumulated over time, many families look towards employing an intermediary as a way of impartially managing assets by ensuring that the best interests of all parties continue as their descendants intended. Shinshiro International provides a family office management service to families that require comprehensive planning and administrative management to accommodate the requirements of large complex family wealth structures.

Your personal CFO

Shinshiro International family office services are restricted to a small number of families who wish to employ a specialist team responsible for the effective management of complex financial arrangements. The family office management team will initially examine the present financial structure to determine the overall efficiency of investment positions and tax obligations.

As with individuals, the collective goals of a particular family tend to differ from one estate to another. We often find however that most family office structures are geared towards preserving current living standards and to make sure that wealth is transferred to future generations to preserve family traditions. As a dedicated, impartial intermediary, Shinshiro International's family office management team will work closely with your other professional advisors to collectively identify the most convenient solutions that will help to support the family values that have evolved through the course of time.

Integrity and trust

In addition to overseeing the wealth of your family, Shinshiro International's family office management team will demonstrate the highest level of personal trust, integrity and transparency. Dedicated entirely to the needs of the family, we understand that there is little more important than maintaining absolute respect for your privacy.