Disciplined Investment Process

Personalized assessment and continuous analysis

At Shinshiro International we believe that efficient wealth management is much more than allocating assets as part of a diversified portfolio. Our wealth management processes are comprised of a personalized and in-depth analysis of each client's financial potential and ultimate investment objectives.

Identify investment needs and objectives

Understanding the unique make up of each client is critical to building and maintaining a long-lasting relationship. By identifying key personality traits and combining them with the availability and expectation of capital resources, we are able to deliver an investment plan that addresses the investment needs and ultimate objectives of each client.

Develop a personalized investment plan

Using what we have learnt about a client, we then begin to develop a series of investment strategies that we believe will be best suited to their specific needs. By providing a series of strategic investment plans we are able to discuss the merits of each directly with the client to include further customizations as a result of any feedback we receive. Ultimately, after working closely with the client we believe that we are able to deliver a highly customized, assured and targeted investment plan.

Diversified asset allocation

To effectively manage the risk of investment Shinshiro International seek to achieve absolute diversification for each portfolio under our management. This process requires a great deal of market intelligence incorporated with high levels of investment ability that covers a broad selection of asset classes. Our flexible investment principles dictate that we are not limited to traditional investment models; instead our practices evolve with the ever-changing market place to ensure assets are allocated in the most constructive manner.

Performance appraisal

Relaying investment performance is a crucial feature of our service commitment. We like to inform clients of not only what is happening with regards to their personal investment portfolio, but also what is happening in the market place as a whole. We view this process as our responsibility to transparency and disclosure, helping to create a deep understanding of any recommendation or alteration we may make as part of a continuous wealth management effort.