Asset Management

Discretionary asset management

Shinshiro International delivers a world-class asset management service to a global client base of sophisticated investors and their families, each of which have experienced a different journey through life and have a completely unique set of circumstances that form the basis of their financial makeup. We offer customized solutions and supportive services that seek to enhance the overall client experience and to deliver above and beyond what is typically expected from a leading wealth management firm.

Our discretionary management solutions are conveniently designed around the wishes of each client. Although we encourage clients to be actively involved in transaction related decision-making processes, we appreciate that most clients are too busy attending to their personal and professionals lives, therefore preferring to hand the responsibility of their financial affairs towards our discretionary asset management solutions.

Portfolio Management

At Shinshiro International we stand by our approach of serving the individual and specific needs of each and every client and only by truly understanding each client as both an individual and as an investor can we begin to design and manage their investment portfolio. Firstly it is imperative that we understand what a client wishes to achieve from investing their excess capital, such as investing for retirement or investing for income. Secondly we need to ascertain the level of risk a client is willing to assume for a defined return on their investment. Once we identify these important aspects we are then able to design and implement an investment strategy that fits neatly into the wishes and demands of the client.

Asset Management Services

  • Portfolio management
  • Global/sector fund access
  • Alternative investments
  • Private equity
  • Structured products